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Making an Elastic Necklace


A quick and simple way to make a necklace for your Pleo is to use elastic (or stretchy) cord. The things you will need are:

  • Elastic cord (like Stretch Magic)
  • Beads (preferably plastic, like pony beads)
  • Super glue

The tools you will need are:

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Paper clip
  • Tray

Once you have all the stuff, find a good place to work (preferably well lit and level), and we're ready to begin!

  1. Measure out 9 inches of elastic cord and cut.
  2. Dump the beads into the tray.
  3. Select a bead you like that has a hole large enough for the knotted cord to fit in snuggly.
  4. Place this bead at the beginning of the ruler.
  5. Select beads you like and line them up along the ruler in the order you like.
  6. Continue selecting beads until you have 5 1/2 inches worth of beads.
  7. Tie the paper clip to one end of the cord.
  8. String the beads onto the cord, starting with the first bead you selected.
  9. Bring the two ends of the cord together.
  10. Tie the two ends of the cord into a square knot where the square knot is up against both beads at the ends of the cord. The string should be barely stretched, and not be loose.
  11. Tighten the knot by pulling the cord on both sides.
  12. Trim off the excess cord, leaving 1-2mm on each side of the knot.
  13. Straighten out one end of the paper clip.
  14. Using the straight end of the paper clip, guide a drop of super glue onto the knot.
  15. Quickly, before the glue dries, use the straight end of the paper clip to push the knot into the first bead you selected (it should be one of the two beads right next to the knot).
  16. Let the glue dry, and you're done!


Do not leave beads unattended around young children. They attract children's curiosity, and may pose a choking hazard.

How Many Beads Do I Need?

2mm75  5mm30  8mm19
3mm50  5.5mm27  9mm17
4mm38  6mm25  10mm15
4.5mm34  7mm22  12mm13

Numbers are approximate. Beads may be irregular or non-uniform in shape, which will affect the bead count. If you are knotting between beads, add 1-2mm per knot.

Elastic string Tips

Overtime, the elastic in your necklace might develop a bit of slack. To restore the stretchiness, quickly dip the necklace in boiling water for one or two seconds.

Smaller is better. Elastic bracelets are made to fit rather tightly, and they do stretch over time. So, itís usually a good idea to make sure they are Ĺ inch smaller than you would usually make, depending on the size of the beads.